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Spending just a few hours on the beautiful, protected waters of San Diego Bay is sure to provide a restful break from every day life as well as a unique view of the city. As you slip away from the dock time seems to slow down. The Maritime Leadership experience offers a much welcomed chance to relax and reflect or perhaps to engage in unrushed conversation with an associate or a new friend. For another adventure there are opportunities to sail in the ocean in search of sea lions, dolphins and whales. Crew are themselves refreshed by serving our guests who in most cases have limited boating experience. We invite you to sit back and be catered to or put your hand on the wheel and assist in the operation of one of our vessels.

Maritime Leadership is dedicated to providing an avenue for refreshment and team building for people who are involved in service leadership. We have had the privilege of sailing with volunteers from a juvenile detention facility, a women's community support home, military Veterans from Vietnam and Iraq, Wounded Warriors, and foster children and their families. Maritime Leadership has also taken hundreds of volunteer workers who lead and care for single mothers, local urban youth, needy homeless or those in prison.

At the heart of Maritime Leadership is the dedicated crew who have developed into a unified family focused on the common goal of serving guests. Most of the crew are relatively new to boating but are given the opportunity to learn from the ground up what it takes to sail a vessel. In 2007, three crew became U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains and another certified as a U.S. Sailing Association instructor. Our guests clearly see the depth of care that the crew have for one another and their capacity to function as a skilled team.

For another getaway there is the opportunity to sail on the 43' four stateroom catamaran, "Freedom" and experience another world of relaxation and adventure.

Maritime Leadership Video  9017 North Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor Washington, 98332 (253) 238-9265